With Rink for Sale, Skateworld's "Final Skating Party" is Set for Today from 2pm to 5pm

By Local News | July 01, 2017
Back in March of 1981, a little place opened off of what was then Route 73, but today is known as Route 131. It was, and still remains, just a bit outside of Bridgeport’s city limits.

Much like the Pete Dye Golf Club, just about every says it’s in Bridgeport. And if you’re a city resident, city official or someone tasked with promoting Bridgeport, saying that Skate World is in Bridgeport certainly isn’t a bad thing.

For 36 years, the place has been the breeding ground for smiles. It’s also been the place where memories have been made and almost all of those memories – go ahead and ask around – have been positive.

Today, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in fact, the last three hours of this iconic business under its current ownership and perhaps as a skating rink will be held, according to Jan McNemar. McNemar is the daughter to the equally iconic Walter Lanham.


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