Julia Davis Adams is One of Clarksburg's Most Published and Celebrated Authors

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | March 22, 2016
Julia Davis Adams (July 23, 1900 to January 30, 1993) was the daughter of 1924 Democratic Party presidential nominee, John W. Davis, and Julia Leavell McDonald Davis.
She was educated at Wellesley and Barnard Colleges, and she found her true calling as an author. She began her career as a reporter for The Associated Press in New York City, where she also headed the adoption service of the Children's Aid Society in the early 1960's.
She loved to write.  Writing under the name of Julia Davis, she often dealt with the history of her native state and the role her family had played in it.
Julia Davis published reminiscences of the year she spent in London as the daughter of the United States Ambassador to Britain. Her father, John W. Davis, subsequently ran for President on the Democratic ticket, losing to Calvin Coolidge in 1924.
Her play, "The Anvil," was a re-creation of the trial of John Brown. Written as Charles Town's contribution to the Civil War centennial, it was an off-Broadway production in 1962.
She wrote more than two dozen books in her lifetime including "Stonewall," "No Other White Men," "The Sun Climbs Slow," and "Legacy of Love."
In addition to her writings, she was active with several charities in New York. She retired near the McDonald family farm, Media Farm, in Jefferson County, WV after the death of her second and fourth husband, William McMillan Adams, in 1986.
She passed away in Charles Town in 1993.

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