IT'S OFFICIAL! Governor Justice switches voter registration from Democrat to Republican

By Local News | August 05, 2017
Governor Jim Justice signed on the line to officially become a Republican, but does he believe what they believe?

Justice was asked for his definition of Republican values during a news conference on Friday before he signed the documents to make his party switch.
“I would hope that they are really good ones. And I would hope that the Democrats’ are really good ones,” Justice said.
“The net-net of the whole thing is just this: Jim isn’t changing. Jim is still going to be Jim. Jim is still going to be the person who stands up for the common, everyday family. That’s all there is to it.
He continued, speaking in the third person: “Jim is going to be rock solid behind the teachers and trying to help education. Jim is going to be exactly the same Jim that always was there. I’m just telling you with the process of what we have in this great thing, Jim can’t help West Virginia the way it is today. And Jim is not going to just come down here and take pictures and kiss babies and hang out.”
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