WV State Fire Marshal Warns Residents Regarding Fireworks Safety During July 4th

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | July 02, 2018 via http://www.connect-clarksburg.com/

The annual 4th of July holiday always brings a reminder from the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s office to be careful as you celebrate the holiday with explosions.

“Safety first on the Fourth,” said Courtney Rosemond, Public Information Officer for the State Fire Marshal’s office. “Common sense is certainly something we need to think about. Fireworks can be dangerous and we want people to enjoy them, but do so in a safe manner. Use your brain.”

Fireworks now sold in West Virginia cover a wide range from aerial rockets to ground explosions. Regardless of the type of fireworks or the intensity Rosemond added they are always dangerous, to yourself and to property.

“Make sure you know the fireworks and how they perform,” she explained. “When you’re done, something nobody considers is to soak them in a bucket of water for about 20 minutes before you throw them away.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety is out with a list of recommended safety practices for a home fireworks show:

CLICK HERE to read the safety suggestions:


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