Patsy Trecost Thumps Fazzini for County Commission; School Board Members Re-Elected

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | May 10, 2018

WV MetroNews Report:  Patsy Trecost won the Democratic race for Harrison County Commission and will run uncontested this November, making him the defacto winner of a seat currently held by Bernie Fazzini.


The former Clarksburg Vice Mayor and House Delegate won with over 55 percent of the votes, a total of 3,837 out of the 6,893 who voted in the race. Fazzini tallied only 1,177 votes in the race, below former Delegate Ron Fragale who took 1,939 votes.

“I’m very happy and I’ve very humbled that so many people were willing to support me the way they did here throughout Harrison County,” Trecost told WAJR Wednesday morning.

Though Trecost was confident that he had a chance of winning, he did not expect to win by such a large margin.

“You know, I didn’t, and that just goes back to how much of a small part of the election I actually am because it was the whole county that got involved,” he said. “Everywhere I went, from one corner of the county to the next, people were so kind to me, and I hope I was kind back. I was treated so well on the campaign trail that sometimes I felt like I wasn’t even campaigning. I just felt like I was being a part of the community, and that’s what I want.”

In his term, Trecost said his priority is to always do what’s best for the people of Harrison County.

“My number one goal is to build confidence in the county that while the name plates may say ‘Patsy Trecost,’ the chair belongs to Harrison County,” he said. “It doesn’t belong to Harrison County individuals, it belongs to all of us. I want to serve and represent a commissioner that works for all the people equally.”

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