"In Sync" Walk on May 1st Designed to Bring Public Awareness to Local Drug Addiction

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | April 29, 2017
“In Sync” was the name chosen for the upcoming Walk for Addiction by several groups in Clarksburg, according to Mayor Catherine Goings who is leading the event. 
“We want to bring recognition to the addiction problems in our area and most importantly, inform citizens that there is ‘help’.  We thought In Sync definitely spoke to, and represented all of those involved in organizing this walk.  We are 'In Sync' in bringing about education for addicts, support for families and help to get everyone to get back on track for a prosperous and healthy life,” the mayor said.
Statistics are alarming regarding the use of illegal drugs and controlled substances throughout our country.  Drug overdose deaths claim tens of thousands of lives across the United States each year and with many of these deaths involving the use of opioid drug, heroin, fentanyl and prescription medications.
West Virginia consistently experiences the highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the nation and the rate of heroin overdose deaths in the Mountain State has far outpaced the national average in years.
It is no secret that this epidemic has reared its ugly head in our hometown.  Addiction is a complicated affliction, affecting people of all ages, intelligence levels, socioeconomic status and backgrounds.  Addiction is not isolated to the addict, it impacts the entire family, as well as friends and loved ones.  Sadly, the majority of us know someone in our family or a friend that has suffered or suffers addiction.
Groups of concerned citizens have come together (In Sync) to make a difference in fighting this epidemic, to create awareness, to provide information on local resources available to addicts.
The City encourages all citizens to join Mayor Goings on May 1st 2017 at 5:00 PM at Jackson Square to gain information and knowledge, share ideas, walk with us and work together to fight addiction and the overall drug epidemic that plagues our community.
For additional information on the “In Sync” Walk-Help for Addiction, please contact Mendi Scott at 304.695.1091
{Information provided by the City of Clarksburg}

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