"He's rarely at the capitol" - Miley cites absenteeism in call for Governor to resign

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | June 18, 2018 via http://www.connect-clarksburg.com/

Gov. Jim Justice did not promise to start living near the Capitol or to immediately make good on his debts this past Friday.

Instead, the governor blasted back at Democrats, saying they want him to conduct business as usual while his focus is on big achievements.

“I’m available 24-7 all the time. And you know what I do? I get it done,” Justice said.

The governor showed up at a 9 a.m. news conference about flood relief today with two whiteboards, filled with defenses about the way he conducts his job.

“This is going to be really fun for me,” he said as he began.

He was prompted by a Thursday statement from legislative Democrats, calling on him to resign if he can’t be present and focus on the work of being governor.

The state Constitution requires the chief executive to live at the seat of government. Justice continues to make his home in Greenbrier County, almost two hours away.

Justice said it doesn’t matter where he works.

“It doesn’t matter whether I do it in the back of a Suburban or from the top of the dome,” he said.

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