Krystian' Kolumn: Keeping up a crazy busy schedule and turning 21 in September!

By Local News | August 25, 2017
“He counts the Stars and calls them by name” ~ Psalm 147:4

Have you ever stopped to take a moment to just breathe in your life and exhale all that is stressing you from the inside out? I made significant changes to my class schedule this week.  am counting my lucky stars to have a supportive mentor at West Virginia University who is there to help me academically and believes in my goals and dreams outside of campus life. She has been there for me since my freshman year and has really made a positive difference and for that I am thankful.
My project plate is full and I couldn’t be happier with the direction I am sailing in. Keeping prayer and positive thoughts daily as I prepare for this next step, all the time reminding myself of where I started five years ago, and all that I have become since. Things are wrapping up for August and my September schedule is filled with interviews for Channel Kindness, podcast interview for Shining Scars, special guest interview for a YouTube Docuseries, Katy Perry concert and my 21st birthday!

Growing Shining Scars is a process that comes from my heart and soul. And last night I had the pleasure of personalizing 200 new copies that will be mailed out today to Cuddles for Clefts, which they will include in their cuddle packs for babies and their families as they enter the hospital for cleft surgery. This shipment takes Shining Scars over the 700 book mark for the year and I hope one day to see that number grow even higher. Supporting children and sharing my shining star with a shining scar has been a rewarding experience. Receiving their photos and following their healing journeys is a true inspiration. It is an honor to experience the change behind the negative stigma and stereotypes for scars and physical differences.

Saturday is going to be a super fun day for me! I am traveling to emcee and cohost the Heather Habura Studio Showcase in Pennsylvania. Heather is a dear kind (emphasis on the kind) friend, actress, talent and pageant coach and creator of the showcase which is dedicated to the anti-bullying organization
This is my third year participating in this event and I couldn’t be more excited to have a night of glamour and a stage filled with talent topped off by incredible gowns I will be wearing sponsored by Henri’s Cloud Nine. The event is attended by noteworthy guests and talent agencies and rising stars.
Getting glammed up after weeks of work, and school schedule changes are just what this girl needs. And not to mention the valuable experience of polishing my T.V. skills for my dream job in the television industry.

Keep shining bright and thank you for following my journey to make our world a little brighter.

Krystian Leonard is the founder of the non-profit organization called Shining S.C.A.R.S. and she's an award winning author.  She is a graduate of Robert C. Byrd High School and a Channel Kindness reporter.  Check out her weekly column every Saturday here on

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