Friends Near and Far Coming Together to Assist RCB's Biggest Fan - Dougie Layfield

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | June 24, 2018 via
By Jeff Toquinto.   Back in 2005, while attending a Bridgeport boys’ basketball game at Robert C. Byrd High School the Eagles were honoring the 10-year anniversary of the squad that made it to the state championship game. As each player and coach was announced there was loud applause from the Eagles’ sideline and polite applause from the Indians’ side of the building.
Then, the announcer said the words, “and team manager, Dougie Layfield.” The RCB side went from loud applause to an eruption and at the same time the section covered in BHS red was on their feet giving a full-fledge standing ovation.
If ever there was a testament to how beloved Dougie Layfield is in Clarksburg and well beyond, that was it. Quite simply, there are few individuals if any that is beloved by everyone. And I don’t say that lightly.
For those that don’t know, Dougie has been assisting as the team manager for sports at Robert C. Byrd – and well prior to that at Washington Irving High School – for decades. He is a 100 percent advocate for the kids, the coaches, the school and the Clarksburg community and he’s known well beyond the borders of the city as well.
Opposing coaches often greet him like a personal meeting with the Pope. And he greets them with kindness as well.
I’ve seen it for years. I saw it when I first started writing in 1986 and he was already an old hand around the sports fields when I was still wet behind the ears. I see it today as well and that’s more than three decades later.
There’s no way to determine the amount of time he’s volunteered at RCB and WI. There’s no way to measure the young kids he patted on the back and supported along the way. There’s really no way to completely pay back someone whose mere presence has helped make everyone else around him better for knowing.
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