WDTV and Jenkins Family to Sponsor Huge Fireworks Show on Sunday, July 2 at 10pm

By Local News | July 02, 2017
For those that have inquired – and there have been plenty – the annual Independence Day Fireworks Show that is held right on the city line between Bridgeport and Clarksburg is on for a fifth straight year. Tim DeFazio, the general manager of WDTV and WVFX with is one of the title sponsors, said everything has been finalized.

This year’s fireworks show will take place on Sunday, July 2. The events is set to begin at 10 p.m. with the fireworks being shot from the water tank site just above the Eastpointe Kmart situated just inside the city limits of Bridgeport.

And there’s an added bonus this year. DeFazio said thanks to a second title sponsor the event will last the longest it ever has lasted.

“Jenkins Subaru-Hyundai’s Matt Jenkins has had their company join us as a title sponsor and he did so with the idea to add to the program,” said DeFazio. “This year’s show will be 15 minutes longer, or roughly 45 minutes total, which we believe will make it either the area’s longest fireworks show or definitely one of the longest.”

It’s also one of the most highly anticipated events in the area each year. DeFazio was instrumental in bringing the show to the area five years. It wasn’t, as he says, a new idea. Rather, it was a reincarnation of one that was part of his past and that of many from this area.

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