Krystian's Kolumn: The challenge of spreading and sharing encouragement for children

By Local News | July 15, 2017
By Krystian Leonard.  Creating a vision is always the easiest part for me. But implementing and understanding all the hoops and pitfalls that you have to fight thru to make your vision work can be discouraging.
I woke up yesterday to a wonderful email from Australia. An organization from that country would love to add my book, Shining Scars, to their care packages much like my Texas friends, Cuddles for Clefts, currently do.
Cuddles for Clefts is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group like Shining Scars.  To date, they've shipped care packages to students in 35 states and 13 countries in just 3 months. These packages include a cute cleft stitched toy, gift for boy or girl and my children’s book, Shining Scars.
So on the one hand, “YAY! More books to help children in Australia!” And on the other hand…how am I going to cost effectively price and ship 100 books to Australia? The first quotes I looked up are in the $350 - $450 price range. This is an unbearable cost for any nonprofit to undertake for 100 books. So my weekend morning was spent looking into ideas and finding a solution. With determination I believe that I can make this work and get my books shipped with a smile.

The other part of yesterday gave me equally exciting news. Looks like I will be getting a fabulous visitor from out of state who is interested in interviewing me, to ask me questions about my journey thus far. She is researching and interviewing people from across the state and found me thru a mutual friend I met from TEDx and Contagious Optimism.
I never turn down the opportunity to share my story in the hopes of turning around the negative stereotype that so many children with scars face. It is still the same today as it was when I was a young girl. Scars are a scary idea for most people to overcome and accept.
I hope if you have a scar, that you won’t hide it. Hiding makes it feel like you did something wrong. It is up to us to help children and teens embrace who they are from the inside out. Which is why I am a fan of Monster’s High cartoon show, which feature characters called "Kind Monsters" who stand up for kindness and against bullying.  I will be sure to update you on her visit, and hope to show her some of my hometown food favorites.

No matter what challenges you may be facing this week, just remember what Tinker Bell says.
“All you need is Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!”
Keep shining bright and thank you for following my journey to make our world a little brighter.
Krystian Leonard
President & Author
Channel Kindness Reporter

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